Converged infrastructure simply explained

 ·   1 min read

Things move fast in technology. Yesterday’s buzz word was cloud. It seems we have a new buzz word floating about in enterprise technology. That buzz word is converged infrastructure.

Data centre technology at the moment is mainly made up of compute, storage and networking equipment. Companies who run their own data centres have armies of teams to engineer, install and support these technologies in their data centres.

What is converged infrastructure?

Converged infrastructure is simply a box of everything a data centre needs configured to run perfectly together. This box can be created by the company itself by following vendor guidelines or a converged infrastructure appliance can be bought from the vendor. When capacity runs out, add another box.

Converged infrastructure advantages

The whole point of this approach is to minimize compatibility issues and optimising performance between compute, storage and networking equipment whilst reducing costs including cabling, cooling, power, data centre floor space and support staff.