Types of Data Store

 ·   1 min read

Data, be it music, pictures or customer information needs to be stored in some sort of …store…a data store if you will!

We’ve looked at types of physical storage in the Types of Storage post. To be able to actually use the physical storage to store data it needs a combination of the actual hardware (say SSD) + OS (which includes setting up a file system) and potentially software.

All this might sound strange but once we go through some examples of data stores it will all make sense. Examples of data store:

  • File/s – Think picture files such as .jpeg or music files like .mp3 etc.
  • Databases – There are a variety of types of databases which we’ll cover in another post but for now think Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database etc. You would need to install the database software on top of a compatible OS.
  • Distributed Data Stores – Apache Cassandra, Druid etc. You would need to install the distributed data store software on top of a compatible OS.