Proxy Server Explained

A proxy server is just a computer configured in a special way. Using a proxy is just like asking another computer(the proxy) to get the web site you wanted for you. That’s it. Simples. How you normally get a web page You type a web address in to your browser Your computer (after a DNS […]

What is Net Neutrality and why should you care?!

When government and large corporations want us to ignore an issue that will benefit them and be to our detriment they make the issue as hard to understand as possible. For example, look at politics, often very important issues are being decided but by making politics difficult to understand and engage in, it leaves Government pretty much out on their own to do what they wish.

Deep Web vs Dark Web

Did you know only a small percentage of the internet is easily accessible via major search engines i.e. indexed by Google etc. The parts of the internet that are not accessible via major search engines are called the Deep Web or the Dark Web; so whats the difference between these or are they the same?

What is DevOps?

On the theme of buzz words. Here’s another one that’s been around for a little while. No one seems to be able to explain what the hell this is. This is becoming almost as bad as “Agile”, lost of people are using this term but little seem to be able to explain what the heck it is.