What is Mainframe?

Up till now we’ve looked solely at distributed server technology to host business applications. The is another type used within larger organisations and financial institutions, Mainframe technology. What’s the difference between distributed Server technology and Mainframe? Let’s dive in.

Clustering simply explained

A server working by itself is simply just a server or single node. When you have two or more servers that are designed to do the same thing that act like one single system, this is a cluster.

What is virtualisation?

When we traditionally talk about a server we’re talking about a physical computer having a operating system with one or more application/s. 

Virtualization allows us to separate the hardware (the actual physical computer) from the operating system and applications. Through virtualization no longer are we limited to one physical computer having only one operating system. 

N-Tier Architecture

A type of client-server architecture. The most common use of multi-tier architecture is the three-tier-architecture.